Combatting illegal fishing with Azure and ML for less than £10/month

Monday, 24 February 2020

Talk Description

"Illegal fishing is a worldwide problem which threatens developing nations, damages marine wildlife and supports other criminal activities like human trafficking and slavery. Recently we worked with a not-for-profit who, through machine learning and complex geo-spatial models, detects and helps to tackle this vital global issue. Through Microsoft Azure, we enabled them to more reliably, and in near-real-time, produce fishing alerts from all over the world.

In this talk we will walk through how to construct a cloud-first architecture based on serverless and data analytics technologies. We will then explore the important principles and challenges in designing this kind of solution. Finally, we will see how the architecture we designed through this process not only provides all the benefits of the cloud (reliability, scalability, security), but because of the pay-as-you-go compute model, has a compute cost of less than £10 per month!"

Speaker Bios

Jess has over 20 years’ experience helping companies succeed through the smart use of technology. He has spent most of his career working for leading Microsoft partners across the UK and Australia and is now Principal at endjin, helping customers to become modern, efficient, data-driven, secure, cloud-first organizations.


Carmel is a software engineer at endjin, focusing on using .NET and Azure solutions for reactive data processing. Through her work she has gained a lot of experience in designing and building cloud-facing data architectures for processing large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. She comes from a scientific background which gives her an appreciation of the importance of experimentation and evidence. Here at endjin, we focus on applying data science techniques and cloud expertise to produce reliable and proven solutions to complex problems.



  • Photos - sorry about the photo quality, we didn't have our usual photographer this time, and the photos are from both mine and James Broomej's (from endjin) mobile phones


Thanks to Alex from Pusher for recording this for us!

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