Saving the world with IoT and Azure Security

Monday, 21 October 2019

"Saving the World with IoT" - with Tomasz Bartoszewski

"You don't have to be a super hero, to make a difference to our planet. Just a bit of programming skills will suffice.

We can't imagine our lives without electricity. Unfortunately it is generated mostly with fossil fuels and it's not good for our planet. That's why we build wind farms, solar panels, hydro power plants, but we can't force them to generate electricity when we want. We have to either use green electricity when it's available or store it. Both tasks are not easy, but with help from technology it's possible.

We can use IoT devices to change the power usage patterns, create virtual power plant, which can be used when the demand exceeds supply. This is exactly what we created over last couple years, controlling heat and car chargers using IoT. We integrated with a hydropower plant on Mull and a wind turbine on Orkney.

I will show you how we use Azure IoT Hub to do that. With simple demos and easy to follow examples you will hopefully leave the presentation inspired to try it at home."

"Securing Web Apps in Azure" - with Phil Bennett

"So you have deployed your web app to Azure. Now, how do you make it more secure and compliant?

In this fast-paced talk, we will run through an overview of some of the Azure technologies that you can use to better protect your web applications in Azure - all depending on your required security level, of course. The talk will set out a framework for you to consider which protections you want to put in place and provide you with the awareness of the tools at your disposal.

Stop attackers, inside and outside, from getting access in the first place by using Web Application Firewall, VNets, encrypting or masking data and removing credentials from code and config.

Know when someone is trying to get in by using Log Analytics, Alerts and SQL Azure Threat Detection

Stop ongoing attacks and limit the impact of attacks by blocking their access, partitioning your application, ensuring attackers can’t get at further credentials and limit what data they can get access to."

Speaker Bios

Tomasz Bartoszewski

"Tomasz is a developer who likes to be involved in everything at work. He wanted to be a knight, but because of low demand, he ended up slaying bugs on production. He likes improving performance of the applications. In his free time, he usually plays with Rubik's cubes, currently the Megaminx. Big Lego fan, especially Castle series, and anything that requires creativity."

Phil Bennett

"Phil has been a software developer since the late 1980s. He’s worked on everything from mainframes, desktops, the web and now the cloud. He’s still excited about the possibilities of developing software that he could previously only dream about. In his spare time he enjoys old retro science fiction."


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