"An Intro to Azure" - Dan Clarke

"In this demo-heavy talk, I'll be giving a high-level overview of Azure. Don't let the title put you off if you've already used Azure before though! There will be a lot of topics covered, with plenty of tips and tricks littered throughout. So whilst it's aimed at people newish to Azure, hopefully, there should be something for everyone!

At a high-level, these are the topics we'll cover:

  • The various ways you can interact with Azure - eg. Portal, CLI, Cloud Shell, CI/CD, Storage Explorer, etc. (demos, not slides!)
  • Terminology - eg. directories, accounts, subscriptions, resource groups, RBAC, App Services vs App Service Plans, etc, etc.
  • Azure Security
  • A run through of some of the popular Azure services (demos, not slides!)
  • Azure DevOps

"Azure From The Trenches: Moving to the Cloud at Thomas" with James World

"One of the themes we want to promote at Azure Oxford is real world stories of using cloud. We hope this will be a great source of advice and guidance for the group and we hope our members will be able to contribute their own stories for us to learn from. I'll kick off with some of my own experience.

In this talk, I'll outline the strategy my current client Thomas International is following in taking a classic monolithic style on-premise architecture fully into the Azure cloud. We recently turned off the old data centre, but the journey to be fully cloud native is ongoing. I'll talk about how we did it, what surprises we encountered, lessons we learned, and what's still on the road ahead. I'll be covering a whole swathe of Azure services, so there should be something for everyone!"

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